• The loading circle keeps spinning but the video does not start.
    Since we are using RTMP to stream all our videos, most certainly the issue is due to a router/firewall not allowing incoming traffic over port 1935, the default port for RTMP protocol. You will then have to open port 1935 (TCP/UDP) to all the incoming traffic on your router/firewall for the IP address of your computer (or have the network administrator of your institution do it for you).
  • The video takes a long time to start.
    How much is "a long time" for you? Normally, a video stream will take from 1 to 5 seconds (30 seconds on iPhone/iPad/iPod) to start playing, since this is how the streaming protocol works. However, this delay will depend on many factors, as the quality of your connection, the load of our servers, etc. If the video appears to be loading for more than 30 seconds (1 minute on iPhone/iPad/iPod), you may want to read the solution to the previous issue.
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